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QL series stainless steel dosing machine

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basic information
DEM/DEL Series Quantitative Feeder

Main Features

1. The whole steel frame structure is adopted, and the stability of the system is good
2. The box structure frame and baffle are adopted. Beautiful appearance, can effectively prevent material scattering.
3. The technology of self-adjusting sealed bearing and frequency converter can adapt to the harsh environment of multi-dust, run smoothly, have good working characteristics and wide speed range.
4. Install new gravity tension and automatic deviation rectification structure to ensure constant belt tension and smooth operation.
5. High-precision weighing sensor and frequency counting device are installed, which can effectively detect belt slippage.
Working principle
  The weight signal from the material on the belt and the speed signal of the belt running are transmitted to the instrument or industrial control computer measurement and control system (the microprocessor is the core of the instrument and industrial control computer). By continuously comparing the set value with the actual weight of the material conveyed by the belt, the speed of the belt operation is constantly adjusted, so that the material flow can always be stabilized at the set value.
Technical indicators
System accuracy:≤±0.5%
Speed range:10:1
Way of working:continuous
DEL/DEM series dosing machine structure diagram
1. Drive unit 2. Active roller 3. Ring tape 4. Tape cleaning device 5. Belt belt level adjusting device 6. Belt speed measuring device 7. Scale body 8. Belt load measuring device 9. Scale base 10. Dust cover 11 Dust cover bracket 12. Distributor 13. Load roller 14. Follower roller
DEL/DEM series dosing machine installation diagram
The main parameters
Note: The specific dimensions of the equipment can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer.
Ingredient feeding scheme
Batching control system process diagram
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